WHO DID YOU UPSET? The inspiration behind the story:

My friends lap dancing club was actually firebombed leading to the question “Who did you upset?”You can see the original reporting by clicking on the links below:

Car crashes into club

Regent Circus Fire at Dream Lounge Gentleman’s Club

In one of the interviews with the owner if you listen carefully you may even hear the famous line for which he is ribbed mercilessly….”That there fire door saved my life it did…”  You need to say this in a strong West Country accent to get the best from it.

The Costa del Sol – Locations

My wife and I are lucky enough to spend a fair bit of time on the Costa del Sol.  Most of the locations in the books are inspired by true life and those in the know will probably be able to identify one or two of the bars and restaurants used as backdrops.

The Costa del Sol – Drugs Trade

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the drugs trade is rife on the Costa del Sol due to its proximity to Africa, it’s a favoured importation route into Europe and not a week goes by without the local press reporting a major drug find or occasionally a professional hit as rival gangs squabble over territory.  Surprisingly as a tourist or individual living in the area you see very little drug use or problems, the gangs seem to keep to themselves.

Gangsters’ Costa del Sol turf war linked to 4 murders in past year – and police fear more bloodshed

Tourists gobsmacked as brazen drug smugglers unpack £6million of cannabis on Costa del Sol beach

‘Hatchet’ Gerard Kavanagh shot dead in Costa del Sol pub

The body

The dead body in an apartment and the find of multiple passports in different names are actually true…unfortunately, the fridge didn’t have any diamonds in it.


Tetouan which appears in books one and two is located in Northern Morocco and can trace its foundation to the late 13th century.  In 1286 the Marinids built a Casbah and mosque there. The name Tittawin is first mentioned in 9th century Arabic chronicles, after the death of Idris II.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio which forms the backdrop for parts of book three has a population of more than 6.32 million according to the 2010 UNdata survey.

Captain Lockcock

Captain Lockcock really did get his nickname from a taxi driver although it was in Mexico rather than Hong Kong.  Personally I prefer the innuendo that he was called Lockcock after a trist with an air hostess…

Hiding things in subtotals

Hiding things in the subtotals of computer programs in book three is also based on true life events…it would be wrong to reveal which company!

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